Population Peak and Decline


There are many ideas and predictions that have fallen into disrepute over the decades, and one of the more dire predictions was the canard of the vast overpopulation of the earth. Overpopulation, I should note, of people. The idea of a growing human population coming into conflict with limited resources is not new, but the idea was propagated widely by a Stanford professor named Paul Ehrlich who wrote a popular book called The Population Bomb in 1968. Ehrlich and his wife predicted that unless drastic measures were taken to coerce limits on the bearing of children, vast starvation would overtake humanity in the subsequent decades.

There has been occasional famines since then but not on the scale predicted by the Ehrlichs. Instead, what has grown on a massive scale is global obesity. Nevertheless, Ehrlich has doubled down on his predictions, and he still calls for governments to take action to…

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