Reference Library

If you are to block the biological clock, you will have to read a lot. A consistent conclusion I reach is that I cannot rely on ANY of the authorities to address my body or health, at least not exclusively. There are several reasons for this, but the primary one is that every human and system on this earth has a priority and I cannot and should not expect my well-being to be on the top of any list except my own.

Further, there is a wicked combination of bad information available, often provided by authorities, and there are lies or distortions, often provided by those that have a financial stake in my decisions. This is the reality.

So, the person who cares and has has the most to lose and gain is me, and only I can truly act in my own interest. To do that, I need to be educated, and to be educated, I must read. I’ve developed my own library and here are some of the books I’ve relied on to address my health and well-being.

ANATOMY OF AN EPIDEMIC – This book details the development of psychoactive drugs and highlights the dangers. Simulants, anti-depressants, and other drugs for the mind carry great dangers and should be used sparingly if at all. This book details the development of these drugs and offers a very sobering look at how the pharmaceutical industry manages the information doctors receive with an eye towards pushing the drugs over all other concerns. It’s a must-read.

GOOD CALORIES, BAD CALORIES – Gary Taubes has written an incredible tale of how metabolism works and how food research has led us to an international epidemic of obesity.