Defying Aging and Expectations

We live in an age of incredible promise and opportunity. Never in the history of humanity on earth has more knowledge about the human body and its functions been known and as widely available.

Medical miracles have abounded by decades, and in those decades humans have come to live longer and longer. Longer life all by itself is cause for celebration. In most places and in most cases, people already live longer and healthier lives than previous generations.

But the life sciences are approaching a new threshold. The fundamental process of aging is under investigation. Aging isn’t simply a process of the human body ‘wearing out’ as happens in the material world around us. The human body has repair mechanisms that address damage and injury. How and why the repair processes decline is now being revealed. There has not been broad agreement on aging and there still isn’t, but slowly the process is coming to be understood, and anything that is deeply understood is subject to manipulation.

Aging, in short, is something we are learning to control. This blog is dedicated to keeping up with the research in to aging and spreading reliable information on how to use and understand the new research and products that will emerge from this sector of science.

What will we do with all the extra life? That too is part of this site because it is the critical part of this journey.

Join me and help me to distribute the shocking and incredible news of what is possible and what will soon be possible for people around the world.

Tom Roush –

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