Jim Mellon taking longevity his company public

Juvenescence is a British company founded by Jim Mellon, “the British Warren Buffett.” The company website states that the company vision is to radically extend life by changing healthcare. How will this work? The company website says they will move healthcare form a “sick care” system to a new system based on prevention. The company plans to democratize the pharma industry by finding better alternatives to the doctor/pharma model and to promote these better alternatives on social media. And finally, the company claims they will lead in the regenerative medicine research efforts.

“We see the emergence of a new healthcare approach where science fiction becomes science,” says the site authors.

On an call with CNBC in September 2020, Mellon said he is taking his longevity company public and that he hopes that a few of the ideas and technologies the company is working on will get a huge pay off. The site is currently building a list of people to sell it’s ketosis product called Metabolic Switch.

So, is Mellon capitalizing on trendy trends or does he really know something interesting?


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